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Oneshot, 742 words
'Cogsworth's amused smile intensified. "Humans should not be transformed into beasts and clocks and candles and feather dusters." He shrugged."At least he found Belle. We could have been household objects forever."'
A favourite of mine, if just for the concept that they've kept some of their powers/attributes of their object forms. Sadly thecharacter is a tad bit off, but it's not enough to put me off.

Drabble, 121 words
" Cogsworth gasped as the hot wax hit his chest. "Nothing," he sighed. "
I- just- I love this. It's tiny, but oh god I can't help but laugh. The title's mixed up on the page though, considering the authore's link to it, plus the HTML are titled as 'Unfetished'. whereas 'Lady's Maid' was Belle/Colette (Babette) fic. they wrote.

(Scroll down to Pooglicorn's fill)
By Pooglicorn/Muffinpoodle
Oneshot, NSFW
" Back in a human body, all those former restrictions finally lifted, it was almost too much for him to take all at once but he needed it so badly. "
The first porn-fic of human Cogsworth/Lumiere! And from the great Muffinpoodle no less. I was actually the one who requested it on the meme, so I'm even happier that it was filled. ♥ All I can say about this fic. is that it's fantastic. Go read it!

Winding Days
By Imaginary_golux
'Cogsworth is deeply humiliated by the fact, not that he is a clock, but that he is a clock who occasionally needs to be wound up. Worse, he can’t reach the second key. It’s hidden in a…very embarrassing place, and his short wooden arms simply can’t reach that far. He’s tried.'
This. Just. This. 

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Life, crap & thinkatives
  1. I've not been in the best state of mind. I've been thinking about purpose and all that deep stuff that I generally try to avoid, which is put me into a weird place.
  2. I've been helping everyone else's shit. I've now found that this puts me into overload and a mushy state of mind and I shouldn't do this.
  3. Mushy states of mind make feel vulnarable and I do not like them. :<
  4. I've found that 'Swallow' by Emilie Autumn is a song that I can entirely relate to. Most won't understand how I relate to it, but I do.
  5. I've cracked down and started being blunt. I've found that lying to be nice to people actually tends to make things worse. :I They might not like what I'm going to say, but I only give constructive crit., and if they want to listen then they'll stop annoying the shit out of everyone. This is mostly to a few idiots that I sadly know.

Bluh. Thinking.

the Colour Catchers

I've realized that I'm really overdue on a comic page for the Colour Catchers. :I And so I've cracked my knuckles and got to work.

Have a WIP.

I've also found that I foolishly lost the only copy of a comic panel that I took two days on. ;-; I put so much detail into the first few of Iris and I fucking lost it in a reformat. God fucking damnit. I hate wasting time.

RP thread of the day;

Other Father & Jack[livejournal.com profile] route_29
The Other Father goes to say hello to his friend, Jack Skellington! And Jack scares him into telling him a bit about his past... Also, the Other Father cries for the first time. ;-;
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Things I need to do to sort my life out;
  1. Sort out my goddamn sleeping schedule. 3.30PM - 4am is not a valid schedule. I shall go all Cogsworth on this problem's buttox and wake up at 7am and go to sleep at 10am! Starting from tomorrow, whether I like it or not.
  2. Get out more. Even if I don't feel like it, or it's cold, or blah, I'll go out for a little walk. My only rule for this, is that I'm not going out alone after schooltime ends, because I hate the little shits around here.
  3. RP. Get my act together. Tag with everyone, write down notes, canon review in my spare time. I'm pretty much neglecting Vincent and that's awful, because I like Vincent a lot. :<
  4. WEBCOMIC. I will update you regularly. :I I want to have a certain character out by May Expo so I can cosplay her, so I've got to bring this together.
  5. Eat properly. Eating snacks is bad and I want to lose weight for cosplay. :III Go shopping, buy good food.

And that's to remind me.♥ There'll be a lot of lists here, by the way.


So, I've set up the 360 in my room again, which means I've been playing Fallout: New Vegas (haven't got very far), Viva Pinata (dfkjsdhg ♥) and Fable II (which I need to play more)

Viva Pinata-wise, I remembered that I have a naming theme based on Beauty and the Beast for my Pinatas; Cogsworth and Lumiere are the first two Whirlm, then Mrs. Potts and Maurice are the first two Sparrowmint. I also have a Bunnycomb named William (after my spinoff's White Rabbit/the boyfriend) and a Hawk/bird/crow thing called 'Murkrow'! Oh, and not forgetting Mrs. Potts and Maurice's child, Chip.

In Fallout, I've taken the Wild Wasteland trait. First thing I find? Dead man in a fridge! But I don't care, because I got a free hat.  It apparently makes me see better. :I

And below is a little segment where I'll be posting my favourite roleplay thread of the day/week/whatever.

RP thread of the day;

Cogsworth & Lumiere @ [livejournal.com profile] castle_academy
(Scroll down for the thread)
Professor Benjamin Cogsworth had already seen one teacher in just a towel that day, and he would have been perfectly fine with not seeing another... But no, another cloth-less man walks down the hall after his shower. The worst part? This time, out of every teacher in the school, it was Mr Lumiere.
((Basically, this is an academy musebox. I play Cogsworth as the Maths teacher, who... is really quite in the closet about his sexuality. Also, I forgot who suggested the name now, but 'Benjamin' is in relation to the famous English clock: Big Ben.))
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But can you Herp the Derp?

New personal journal! Expect fandom, fanart, daily shit, RP stuff and god knows what else.


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